Privacy Policy

Users privacy is the most important thing that is committed to protecting. To make archive this purpose, we have created this Privacy Policy that cover all online communication to We hold the reserve to change this policy with ultimate purpose, which is to enhance user privacy, and changes are always updated to get users aware of any change.

Please read our policy and any feedbacks are welcome at

Online communication principles:

  • No SPAM! We will never send unsolicited email to users or any visitors to our website. We will only use email to respond to email messages from users.
  • We don't sell personal information gathered from the website.
  • We will never provide your email address, or any other information gathered from visits to our website or app, to any external organization.

What information do we gather and how is it used?

  • Generic data. When you visit our web site, we log general data, including your domain name (e.g.,, etc.), the name of the web page from which you entered our site, which pages you visit on our site, and, how much time you spend on each page. We use this information to continually monitor and improve our website. None of this information is collected or stored on a personal (customer-specific) level. Specifically, we do not collect your email address and, in fact, have no way of getting it unless you explicitly tell us.
  • Personal information which you choose to submit. As a visitor to our website, you may choose to send us a question in email. Whenever you submit personal information for a specific purpose, your information will be used for that purpose only. Our policy is to inform you when you submit that information, exactly how it will be used. You can choose how much information to supply (e.g. when sending us email, you may choose to include only an email address -- not a telephone number or mailing address -- for replies.) There may be instances where we require complete information for a particular activity, but, again, it's your choice whether or not to supply it.